A happy and healthy new year to you all!

High season doesn´t really mean too much to me apart from feeling the need to expand, which I quickly nip in the bud due to a severe bout of not wanting to work any harder, but this high season started in a very bizarre way indeed.

After spending the whole of last year healthy, the PV Sea Dive team that consists of me, my instructor Marc and my captain Carlos took a nose dive into a bottomless pit of health issues.

Day one of high season for us was the 10th of December. After having a little 2 day break to prepare for the madness, Marc and I rock up to the marina, all full of the joys of Christmas, to find Carlos slumped in a seat suffering from Dengue. This can´t be. He has a sick note in his hand that has him signed off for 2 weeks. I am feeling his pain and am concerned for his health, but I have a full boat of excited divers to take out and Captain Sicknote is looking grim. I say to him that it can´t be helped and that I will go and get a captain to cover for him. At this, he leaps to his feet and tells me he is not that sick and is just feeling a bit under the weather and can captain the boat perfectly well. Poor guy is a single father and loves working every day and the thought of someone else earning his money is just not happening. So we carry on with our day, with Carlos showing everyone his sick note and being fed cookies out of sympathy by the dozen. I know at some point I wondered if it was all an act to get more cookies.

Now to the 11th. Marc, my lovely instructor, arrives at the lock up at 7.30 each morning and gets all of the gear ready for the day. Such is the glamorous life of a scuba instructor. I jump in my preloaded truck at 8 to find Marc with a very funny look on his face. He not only has an ear infection, but he has a heavy cold. The latter in the worst thing ever for a diver, and for a man, I am told it is worse than childbirth!

He had started his pre prepared course of antibiotics and was squirting something or other in his ear. Diving is near impossible to do with an ear infection and excruciating contractions going on, but he has mustered through and is nearly fixed, although I had to work way too hard for a few weeks.

But then, and more importantly, as we were unloading the truck that afternoon, I didn´t quite get hold of a tank correctly and got my arm caught between 2 tanks and am now sporting a fractured arm. I am not sure what the doctor said when I paid for the x-ray and walked away, but how can I dive with a lump of plaster attached to my arm. Really. What was he thinking?

I am glad I looked after my boys while they were sick as I am enjoying being treated like a little princess again.

We wish you good health and happiness this year. Well, we will as soon as we can.

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