Today had it´s great and not so great sides for me, and I am not sure which one I will dwell on, but I will write about them both.

The first dive of the day was at Majahuitas, a personal favourite of mine. This I because it is full of so many fish and many small critters of all shapes and sizes, including my personal favourite, the nudibranchs, which in layman terms are sea slugs. Land slugs are usually so dull and not very pretty to look at, whereas these little slugs are so pretty and colorful that I just can´t stop looking at them. Anyway, after this dive, we sped off to do our 2nd dive at Los Arcos. Today, the ocean was rough as it was a full moon, and my boat captain earned his money today making sure no one was sea sick!

So, we arrive at Los Arcos to find the usual cluster of booze cruise boats there, all depositing their guests in the water to snorkel. These boats are large and not easy to maneuver, so, if any of their guests have any issues, they cannot respond. It just so happened that again today there was an issue. We spotted a father and his 3 young daughters in the water, and clearly they were all in trouble. The youngest one, who was around 4 years old, was slipping through her life jacket and screaming for help. As we approached them, we saw a large spotted dolphin under this child that was constantly nudging her up to the surface. I have never, in all my years in the ocean, seen anything like this before. I have heard stories about dolphins rescuing humans, but to see it with your own two eyes is another matter. We pulled alongside the family and pulled them all onboard and delivered them back to their boat. Then, as we pulled away to go diving, the dolphin stayed with us for at least 15 minutes, which was super cool and something that I call instant karma. But then, when we were in the water getting ready to dive, the dolphin was swimming all around us. The photo that goes along with this article is the actual photo that I took, albeit, I wish I had switched my camera lights on. This experience was just too cool and I wasn´t thinking straight though, so please forgive the quality!


The really sad part about days like today though, that totally out shine the coolness of the dolphin experience, was that I doubt very much that any of those children, especially the youngest one, will ever want to get into the ocean again, and I wouldn´t be surprised if none of them, including the father do, and that is a crying shame.
So please make sure if you are going to take a day out on the ocean, you go with a company that will have an experienced guide in the water with you at all times, and that the life jackets you are wearing fit you and have the buoyancy properties to protect you if you are not the world’s greatest swimmer. Please.

Stay safe and respect the ocean.

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