Another WOW day in the bay

I have just had one of the most amazing experiences, and I feel I must share it with you all. Today, I took out my boat with 6 guys and had a blast at “work”, going to 2 of Vallarta´s many hidden gems.

Firstly, we went to Isla´s Marieta´s, which is at the far west tip of the bay. It is not so hidden, but it does contain a hidden beach. The conditions were perfect today for this trip. The water was clear, flat, warm and electric blue in color. You could see the bottom at 60 foot! I rarely snorkel, but today, I could not resist the swim to the beach. I don´t think I took my face out of the water until I was half way through the tunnel, when I just knew I had to turn around and look back towards the ocean. Wow. The color of the water was stunning. This round island is an inactive volcano. There is a tunnel with an overhead during low tide, permitting you to swim through it. Once you reach the other side via a 5 minute swim, there is a semi circular beach bathed in sunshine, made from the crater in the top of the volcano. I have travelled extensively through this world, and never have I seen a more unusual beach. The guys went exploring through a tunnel. When you reach it´s end you can see the sea. Jurassic park is all they said to me. On the swim out to the boat, the blue footed boobie birds were flashing there little feet off, making a perfect end to part one of the journey.


We then set off to the furthest southern tip of the bay, Chimo. A mate of mine called Chris had been there a few weeks before and wanted to return. Being the good boy scout he is, he phoned them the day before to ask if they could make us lunch. This is a very small fishing village that time has barely changed. Well. The scenery as you approach the shore line is nothing but stunning. This is the jungle and is too pretty for my words to describe. We were met by two old men in a little handmade wooden canoe, and they rowed us to shore. We walked to the restaurant with its straw palapa to find the sand had been racked and a table laid for us! Every shrimp dish that came to the table was devoured, and then the lobster came out. I don´t think I have ever eaten as well as I did today at a remote beach location. Chris took many bags of toys to give to the local children, and they came in droves to get them. Everyone who sat around the table was in awe at the experience they were having. When we left, young Ernie got to row the canoe back to the boat, which was such a cool experience for him that does not happen every day.

Everything said, please go out and explore this magical area. It has many hidden gems and the people are so friendly. I have lived here for nearly 3 years, and Chimo was just another dive site for me. It is now a village that I will talk about and visit regularly. I think I will sleep well tonight.

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  1. I got what you intend, thankyou for putting up.Woh I am thankful to find this website through google. “Spare no expense to make everything as economical as possible.” by Samuel Goldwyn.

  2. The 2nd photo looks like a surrealistic painting of “Phantom of the Opera”. I wonder how long it’s sat in that spot and has the piece of driftwood been beside it for years or do they newly formed friendship? You’ve given us another side of natures beauty.

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