I had a guest today that got grossed out at the suggestion of spitting in his mask to clean it, which gave me the idea for this week’s article.

Diving is a messy kind of sport in that respect. Spitting in your mask before diving or snorkelling stops the mask from fogging up. This does make me wonder what the fluid in the mask cleaning bottle consists of, but to fill up a small bottle would take me many evenings and is frankly not worth the effort when you can buy it for $5usd! I have a bottle of ocean friendly washing powder mixed with water that does the job nicely.

The worst thing (in my opinion) that happens when diving occurs at the end of a dive when we surface. Snot and spit bubble out of your mouth and nose covering your face! Not very nice, so it is always polite to turn the other way before removing a regulator (the breathing thing we have in our mouths) and taking your mask off to wash your face with sea water or you will look gross on the boat.

Another thing that happens, and it happens more when the water is cold, is peeing in your wetsuit. Peeing in anything other than a toilet is something most of us have grown out of by the age of 2, but it is something that can´t be helped when we dive. Most divers do it, and those that say they don´t are probably lying! This is a reaction to being surrounded by water and is a reflex called immersion diuresis , but also when it is cold, it is just a nice way of warming yourself up!! In our defence also, and not just from a scientific standpoint, dive boats rarely have toilets onboard and dive sites don´t come with a toilet block! Part of this problem is caused by over hydrating on the way to the 1st dive as diving while dehydrated is dangerous, and those litres of water have to come out somewhere. I, needless to say, remove my wetsuit and jump into the ocean as I am a lady and therefore couldn´t possibly do this.

This week I have been amusing myself with my new underwater camera, complete with a large light unit on it. The first time I took it out, I set it up and jumped in excitedly awaiting the great photo´s and video’s I was about to take. I played around with the light until I had it just right and took what I thought were some great video´s. As soon as I got home, I uploaded them onto my computer, only to find there were no video´s to watch. Time had indeed arrived for me to take the instruction manual out and read it, which is something I never do. It appears that to take a video, I need to press the button twice! Why on earth would you need to do that? I really don´t know, but I need to put it onto standby before I want to use it. Whatever happened to a simple on off button? Standby seems to provide no use to me at all apart from to make me stare at the screen to see if the tiny light is on.

Check out my facebook page for this weeks pictures while I go and continue reading the instruction manual.

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