Taking a scuba trip is not just all about the diving, it´s an adventure that starts as soon as we set sail from the marina.Mama Mia

Sailing past all of the luxury yachts and sailboats in the marina is very cool. Most of us can only dream about owning a yacht or sailboat like that to have fun on. Then we pull up to the marina gas station with these yachts, and am pleased that we don´t have to fill their tanks up. 

After passing all these beautiful boats, we set out to our destination. There is always something to amuse us with on the way. The bay is always busy with schools of fish flapping around at the surface. Over that past week, we have also seen everything from dolphins and giant manta´s, along with a mother and her baby humpback whale, that do not seem to want to leave the bay.

Day octopusWe have dived every site in the bay this past week, but my favourite dive was at Majahuitas, due to its diversity. The fish here are always plentiful, and there are strange creatures around to amuse us. There are a large number of garden eels here, along with huge moray eels, rays and octopus. Day octopus 2It is the octopus that steal the show, especially when they know how cool they are, and trust me, they are the coolest creatures on the planet. Don´t trust me?!!! Look them up on the internet. Anything that clever does not deserve to be eaten! Before I dived, or understood how cool octopi are, I ate them. But now I know how awesome they are, I discourage doing anything to them, apart from observing from a distance. Let’s face it. They are really chewy and taste a lot like chicken, so why not eat chicken, as they are not that smart, and any fool can cook them!!!

Sea Horse - Los ArcosAnother great creature that I adore has returned over the past 2 weeks, in the shape of the mighty seahorses. They are strange little things that have the characteristics of different animals. They have the head of a horse, the tail of a monkey and the pouch of a kangaroo and can change colour like a chameleon. The courting couple at Los Arcos are very sweet and are always wrapped up in each other. They must be shy though, because as soon as I get my camera out, they split up. Another cool thing about these sweeties is that each of their eyes moves independently from the other. This is a useful skill to have indeed. You can look at your mate, and make sure no one is coming to eat you, all at the same time!Sea Horse - PV Sea Dive

All in all, this week has been a lot of fun in, and on, the ocean. 

Sue Keevil, PADI Master Instructor, PV Sea Dive, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

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