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Scuba Diving Certification Info

If you love snorkelling or just want to see more of the underwater world, then why not try scuba diving. Experience breathing underwater and get closer to the marine life and listen to the dolphins and whales calling from miles away. There are several ways that we can help you fulfil the dream

Our team of 3 instructors and a divemaster will ensure a personal and fun service. Boasting small groups of a maximum of 4:1 for certified divers and 2:1 for Padi Courses, we believe this will ensure that you have the best experience possible. All prices include training material, scuba equipment and certification. There are no hidden costs.

Below is a photo of our training pool. It’s 1.2m deep in the shallow end and steps down to 3m deep. This is perfect for training and you’ll be fully confident with all your equipment and skills prior to heading to the ocean.

As long as you are at least 10 years old and are in good health we can get you started. Please find attached the Padi Medical statement for you to complete and physicians form to be completed if you answer yes to any of the questions.

Please note, you will need have your e-learning completed or the first 3 chapters of your course manual before we can commence with your certification.

Puerto Vallarta Sea Dive Scuba Training Pool