All of our scuba diving equipment is high quality and serviced regularly but to ensure comfort and extra safety.

Aqua Lung Wave BCD

Puerto Vallarta scuba diving equipment1. Surelock II weight system so you can dive integrated, and/or with a weight belt.

2. Integrated Octo and gauge pockets. No need for clips or hanging hoses.

3. Right shoulder and base dump valves.

4. Chest strap and fully adjustable waistband

5. We also stock the junior size, which incorporates a crouch strap to stop the BCD from riding up.

Aqua Lung Titan Regulators

Puerto Vallarta scuba diving equipmentThis third-generation Titan’s first stage uses a unique forged body covered with an impact-resistant outer skin. The design uses less brass, allowing the first stage to be more compact and lighter

The second stage has a grid built into the exhaust tee and breaks down exhaust bubbles for less noise. Awesome for spotting those shy fish we have in our oceans.  They are also fitted with the ComfoBite mouthpiece and stays dry as a bone so you will really enjoy breathing through these regulators.

Aqua Lung ABS Scuba Octopus

Puerto Vallarta scuba diving equipment

The ABS Octo from Aqua Lung features a low profile and versatile design. The ABS alternate air source exceeds CE breathing requirements for a regulator. This octo will function properly whether right side up or upside down due to the low profile and versatile design. The unique 120 degree angle makes it easy for anyone to give or grab the octo. It is universal for right hand or left hand users. The 39′ yellow hose easily distinguished your ABS hose from your primary hose. It is also makes it easy to locate during an emergency.