What a wonderful 24 hours

What a wonderful 24 hours

Yesterday afternoon, 3 wonderful men came to my pool for some scuba instruction. 24 hours later, they left my boat as very happy friends.

When they arrived yesterday full of apprehension, I knew today would be a fun one. Firstly, they told me scuba diving was on the top of their bucket list, and secondly, they were too funny. We had a chat about what we would do in the pool, and then we went underwater and did it. One of the 4 skills I teach new divers is how to safely take the regulator out of your mouth and put it back in. No one like to do this, but, if you are going to have your photo taken underwater, it is better to not have a lump of rubber stuck in your face, as this flatters no one! By the time they had swum around the pool a few times, they were taking this out and smiling at me for fun, kicks and giggles.

frogfish 1So today, we went to Los Arcos and Mismaloya for a couple of relaxing and easy dives. Our first dive was in the Aquarium at Los Arcos. I was there yesterday with a couple of students training to take their open water certification. While I am teaching this course, I am not allowed to use a camera as I have to concentrate on my students. For the first time in 2 years, I saw a frogfish, which is something I hadn´t seen whilst diving here. I had to go back today with my camera and capture this lovely little creature. As they are lazy, I knew it would be in the same place, and sure enough, it was. I had told my divers that I was going to look for it, so they knew what I was going showing them. I had also told them that it is something that many experienced divers never gets to see, so these guys were super lucky. frogfishA frogfish is a peculiar creature. It swims by perpetual motion, and looks very strange doing so. On the top of its head, it has a fishing lure with something resembling a worm at the end of it. As fish swim past and try to eat the “worm”, the frogfish opens its huge mouth, and the force of the water created by this, sucks the unsuspected fish inside. I used to see frogfish every day when I lived in Borneo, but this is the first one I have seen here, and am super excited about this find. They blend into their surroundings perfectly, making them hard to spot, but their feet stick out a mile for me. These little critters are smart too and can change their colors to match their surrounding in five days. I think I will keep this hidden secret of Vallarta for my divers! It is at Los Acros, and that is all I am saying.

What will I find next week?


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